power state drive failure on windows 8.1?

i recieved this error message on a blue screen and now my SSD is very low. it went from 8gb to less then 2gb and im trying to figure out why. its not cause of a failing hard drive which i tested via command prompt. i performed disk clean up, system file scan command and no problems. i search my C drive for any big files that is taking up this amount of space with no luck. i scanned my pc with AVG and malewarebytes and no virues or maleware found. what can it be? 

1 Answer

  • Adrian
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    Any "drive failure" suggests something went wrong with the drive. It is possible some of the sectors went bad (bad chips) and the SSD controller has mapped them out of use.

    To try and clean the drive, try CCleaner. It will find most garbage files, including garbage system files, and offer to clean them out.

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