is it just me or do you sometimes just get upset at your friends ??

if you do plz anser me 


i met do you sometimes get upset at yourself or what?

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  • 1 month ago
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    Yessssss! I am so glad u posted this question. Im rather intelligent and some of my friends, namely a couple are complete and utter idiots. One cant keep a conversation and will sit their after you've spilled your heart out. He says be just doesnt have anything to say. Im like idiot, if someone finishes a story you at least show interest hy asking questions or sharing ur thoughts. He is also just a weirdo who Ive discovered is more weird as he tries tofit in, but says more weirdo stuff like he has never masturbated or watched porn. Really bro? Then says he has never had caffeine or drank alcohol. When I asked why, he claims no reason. Well, hello, you dont get to adulthood having been presented alcohol at every bar or party and say, no for "no reason." It's like he doesnt want to give any info on himself, but saying "no reason" when clearly there is a reason to decline a latter for ur whole life or alcohol, makes u seem like ur hiding something. And what male has NEVER seen porn. These are things that are rites of passage, ya know. 

    Next, Im a really supportive friend who is very emotionally concerned with how I support my friends through struggles. Yet, when I stuggle, people want to change the subject and not help. When I ask why, one of them was like "ur always so happy, I just dont know what to say when ur sad and just want u to be happy again."

    So, once again another dummy! So, what an I some type of autopilot dolphin with a perma-smile? So, I cant ever have an issue I need support on without you going silent because my sadness makes u uncomfortable? Gee, thanks for knowing humans are multifaceted with various fluctuating emotions.

    Next and last, one of my friends is always talking about every country she has been to and one upping. Its still warm where I am and I told her I went to the beach last week and she couldnt bare letting me share that without going into how the beaches in the US are terrible and ahe loves the Maldives and blah, blah. She is also always talking to me like Im some ragamuffin who grew up in a double wide trailer who as a toothless derelect would say "aint usta nuffin." When that is far from the case. Anytime anything happens, she always has to bring up her travels "that pasta is nothing like Italy" or "when I was in Telum(insert amazing thing that only a magical wizard could have conjured up) and how much better it is there than America. Im like why do u live here then? Just move already heaux!

    Anyway, done venting. I hate these people equally, but due to COVID and my city still having a good portion shut down, I havent managed to drop these zeros and make new friends yet. Trust me, no COVID, Id be hanging out with way better people than these lames.

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    1 month ago

    No, it's just you. I did a global poll and you're the only person on the planet that occasionally gets upset with their friends. P.S. It's "answer", not 'anser'. And it's "meant", not 'met'. 

  • 1 month ago

    I do occasionally have disagreements with my friends sure 

  • 1 month ago

    Yes. Sometimes I get very upset at my friends and myself for hurting my friends like an idiot.

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