My ball python is getting splinters or stuck pieces of wood in her scales.?

I wanted to change her from aspen to anything else becuase i got her from someone and they were using aspen. What do you all use and should i be concerned about the wood splinters on her ☹ . I would add a pic but i just bothered her so ill leave her alone for now.

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  • 1 month ago
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    I switched from aspen to bio petbed crumbles two days ago for my ballpython and i wasnt sure about it at first but he loves it!! it even looks better, like less messy. Just make sure to squeeze out the extra moisture and dry it out completely before inserting in the tank, when used for snakes and lizards!

    you also recently answered my question and i don't see any other way to reply on here so here it is :')  my ball python is a male, had it for just over 8 years. He doesnt have a bad temperament at all lol, we take him out all the time and hes very friendly. He is approximately 58' and im located in Toronto, Ontario 

    Lmk if theres another way to contact you besides on here and i can send you many pictures.There's nothing wrong with him at all!! Everyone is just busy and he requires too much care with feeding him and everything. If you're willing to pay for shipping he is all yours!!! I'd literally mail him to you this weekend lol.

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    1 month ago

    Coconut husk, reptile bark, and cypress mulch are probably the most-recommended substrates for ball pythons. Definitely don't use aquarium gravel. If the splinters are embedded in her flesh, I would definitely be concerned and see a reptile veterinarian, but they could just be caught on the edge of a scale and brush off easily. 

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    1 month ago

    If there are splinters, then try removing them with a pair of tweezers. The snake does not mind being handled. If you do not want splinters, you can try aquarium gravel but make sure there is no water collecting in the tank as it would give the snake skin problems if the cage is too humid.

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