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A friend is trying to force me to tell my parents about my mental health. What should I do?

I recently started talking more frequently with this acquaintance turned friend a couple months ago, and since then, we've grown closer and decided to share deeper parts of our life stories. I shared that I struggled with (undiagnosed) depression, self-harm, and suicide in the past as well as the present albeit less so. I do not consider myself at high-risk, and my depression does not affect how I function in day-to-day life.

But now, this friend is basically forcing me to reveal my past to my parents, who I'm currently living with due to the pandemic.  I am not close enough to my parents to have shared these things in the past, and I even told this friend that my parents have been the cause of some of my struggles in the past.  But despite clearly expressing my wishes for her to not share these things with them, she has said that she's firm in her stance and will talk to my parents about my mental health whether I am present or not.

I am 22 years old, and I've been incredibly frustrated by feeling like my autonomy is essentially being taken away from me.  Are there things I can say to make her understand or change her stance? Or do I actually need this level of help?

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    Simple.  You drop this "friend".  You block her and do not interact with her anymore.  If you choose not to talk to your parents about your private medical issues and she tells them....simply tell your parents that you hardly know this person and you don't know what she is talking about.

    By federal law, your medical records are PROTECTED.  Your problem is that you have discussed personal medical problems with someone you don't really know or trust and who is not a licensed mental health provider.

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