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Conservatives: Do you support repealing the Humane Slaughter Act so that livestock can be killed in a gruesome manner?

and question #2: Would you support expanding the humane slaughter act to cover Poultry, (as current law only covers "livestock" better defined as Cows and Pigs.)


@mustagme: how would you feel if you were slaughtered in a painful way?  would that feel good?

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    This inhumane lunacy from the right merely gives all of us yet another reason to eat halal.  There are alternatives! 

    Conservatives love to make every single purchase a political issue when things like this can be regulated with no increase in cost to the consumer.

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    I support deregulation of industry, and letting businesses decides what is best. To your second point, no.

    Edit: you asked this to me already. This is not my concern. Regulations add cost, which gets passed down to the consumer. Right now, President Trump has made it a hallmark of his Presidency to cut regulations to the absolute bone. Let businesses decide what is best, and the free market will be the judge. Not the Federal Government.

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