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Period 2 Days Late Help!?

hello! my name is nicole and i’m 21! 

so recently i had all of the symptoms of getting my period, all the normal stuff, feeling crampy and achy, breasts feeling swollen/achy. i keep a record of my period in an app and it’s always accurate. i kept checking to see if i was bleeding at all yet because it felt like i did! when i checked i noticed that it was discharge (or ovulation i seriously have not idea what the difference between the two are) so i was a little confused? i’m not stressing over it mainly because so know that’ll only affect it more. but please is there anyone that can help me understand what is happening? my boyfriend thinks i’m pregnant but i can’t see how! nothing has changed in my daily routine so i can’t figure out what could be the cause of this! i’m patiently waiting for it to come but if i still don’t get it by the end of today i’m thinking about getting a test! i felt bloated whenever my period symptoms hit because it was the time i should have gotten it, now the only symptoms i’m experiencing still is my breasts still feel painful. — you’re probably thinking “you’re pregnant!” my bf and i haven’t had sex in WEEKS i’m not exaggerating lol i just need your thoughts! 


Also, i am currently not on any birth control! i did have a cyst on my ovary that ruptured but this was back in late August early September and ive seen a gynecologist for a follow up app. i believe i’m healed from it by now. my last few periods were fine and normal! 

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    1 month ago

    You can take a test for your own peace of mind. If you test negative, your period should arrive soon. Sometimes, due to stress or a change in diet, your period can be 2-3 days early or late.

  • 1 month ago

    You don’t always get a flow if the uterine lining isn’t thickened, if you didn’t ovulate or are on birth control. The hormones as they change from the different ones cause the symptoms you describe.  So probably not pregnant, just normal. Read up on the female menstrual cycle. 

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