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What are some of the things that a grown man would do if he's checking you out or attracted to you?

Speaking of someone you've already known for a long time and see on a regular basis.

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  • rick
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    3 months ago

    The first thing to do, is get a good look. See how her clothes fit, and look for fat bulges as well as padding in strategics places. Next look for hygiene. Is her hair glued in place with hair spray, or stringy and unkempt? Look for evidence of her interests. Is she into things you don't like or does she share interests with you? Verify marital or dating status. Find out about employment and financial situations. Make sure she isn't living with controlling parents, or an ex, or soon to be ex. In short do whatever you can do to avoid unpleasant surprises. Then, make her an offer she can't refuse. A date with dinner at an exclusive restaurant and a show that it's hard to get tickets to see. Make sure your home is prepared for an overnight guest. A spare toothbrush, and such, set out and ready shows your consideration for her comfort.

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