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What's wrong with the new photoshop?

I have two images... Sized the first to 16x20 @ 200 dpi.  I sized the 2nd to 12x18 @ 200 dpi.  I selected all and copied the 12x18.  Made a new canvas big enough so I could print both images together. When I pasted the 12x18 to the new doc it changed size.  When I pasted the 16x20 it also changed its size.   I have never seen this happen before.  I've been using photoshop for nearly 20 years. What's going on? 

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    how did you "paste"? be sure you are using the correct paste method...

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    What was the settings of the new image into which you pasted the two images?  Also, be sure you have the VIEW settings set teh same,too

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    You will get better advice from a photoshop forum.

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