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will Chucky Cheese coins be worth more than Bitcoins some day soon? why?


i dont get it, why anyone would risk their real money for "crypto money"?

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    When you can buy groceries, clothing, cars, houses, gas or pay your bills in bitcoin, then it becomes REAL money.

    Until then it is primarily a money laundering apparatus for drug dealers which Investment banks have invested some "play money".  Because "crypto currency" is essentially play money.  But people invest in areas where they see value.

    Here is a simple test.  Which of the following would you choose:

    $10,000 worth of 

    a) Gold (roughly 5 ounces)

    b) Cash

    c) (85) AAPL shares or (23)TSLA shares

    d) Bitcoin

    Next to D) you should always put the equity, bond or other investment you are evaluating.  Note that c) USED to have MSFT, GOOGL prior to the rise of AAPL and TSLA.

  • Judy
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    1 month ago

    uh, no............................

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