Is it okay for my mom so smack me? ?

My mom smacked me across the nose because I was talking back and shot because I get annoyed so ******* easily now and she keeps repeating things to me which causes me to GET annoyed. 

And then she ******* says **** like she'll shove my thyroid pill down my throat if I don't take 

Like.. It's just making me hate her more and everything so I started swearing at her and flicking her off because of it because of how annoyed I've been getting

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  • 1 month ago

    Like you've made other BS posts like this. Like.

  • Jerry
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    Do you understand that this is how people with mental health issues talk? "It's not MY fault I knocked a hole in the wall and smashed our dishes. It's HER fault for making me lose my temper." 

    The "sick" part of this thinking is the idea that someone else has that kind of power over you, the kind of power to MAKE you damage walls when you'd rather not, to MAKE you smash dishes when you'd rather not. These are things you CHOOSE to do. NOBODY has the kind of power to MAKE you do such things against your will. 

    You always have a choice, either holding your temper under control and letting your temper run wild. Others don't MAKE you let you let your temper take control; you CHOOSE to stop holding your temper under control, CHOOSE to let it run wild. 

    You already know that skipping your thyroid meds will make it more difficult to hold your temper under control and you CHOOSE to skip them. Sounds to me like you WISH to have temper tantrums, like you ENJOY working yourself into a good raging rampage. That's mental illness. 

    Giving up this sort of ill behavior is a lot like giving up smoking. No matter how much you know should quit, it's hard to stop doing something that gives you so much satisfaction. Sure, you got this wonderful rush of pleasurable relief when you "let yourself go" instead of keeping yourself under control. But letting yourself go has a way of causing others to let YOU go. 

    Losing your temper is like pissing into the wind. Yeah, for a short time you have this wonderful warmth, this lovely feeling of release and relief. But ultimately you feel wet, cold, and dirtied. Take your meds and improve your self control. 

  • 1 month ago

    Violence is uncalled for. It’s not okay at all. When she annoys you, try to get away from her to calm yourself down. Also, maybe there is a reason why she repeats things to you. 

  • Ham
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    You sound angry. That means she is succeeding in disturbing your life. Be bigger than her.  I know it sounds strange but if you can ever ask someone if they hurt their fist in striking you, you would be big indeed.

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