We really need to come together as lgbt people. There is power in numbers?

Seriously. Aren’t there honestly more lgbt people in the world than straight? No one ever considers the closeted lgbt people. Which of my gaydars right which it usually is, there are soooooo more many lgbt people than not. Almost everyday when I’m out and about the people I see that are in the closet far outnumber the straight ones. I know my closeted gays. If we all came together and came out Imagine what could happen.

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    1 month ago
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    LGBT are a minority. 10 percent of the population. But yes - we do need to work together and that is how we get things done. Look at what we’ve already accomplished in the gay rights movement! And frankly many lgbt have been working together for decades. There was a big thing started in the 60’s called the gay rights movement. Now There are prides in most major cities. There are gay community centers and gay straight alliances in schools. But none of this past work means that lgbt can rest on our laurels because all it takes is an anti lgbt person like trump to come along and he’ll start eroding our rights. So we need people either to join the existing groups or form groups of their own and do it their way. We need informed lgbt. We need lgbt who will come out because it is by teaching those around them in their corners of the world that we can collectively change society as a whole. 

    The work of lgbt is not done by a long shot. There are still teen suicides. There are still gay bashing’s. There are still countries where you are killed for it. And and there are hate groups out there that want to erase the progress we’ve already made. We need everyone. So yes please - start your own group or graft on to an existing one. Lots of work to do.

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    I think you know that's not true.

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    1 month ago

    I'm not disputing your "gaydar" although I think you've overstated the numbers.  However, what large group of individuals is


     unified.  I mean look at the Republican Party of the United States.  Certainly NOT united.  I think even if you're right about the numbers (I think don't think you are) what chance of everyone coming together, in any sense of the word "coming".

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