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Is A/C Gas harmful? ?

I just returned back home after 7 years of education abroad. I had a technician repair an old window a/c in my room but he said it's completely dead and removed it and kept it in my room. And installed an new one. The new A/C is fine but the old one is just sitting under my bed (my bed is a metal bed like the one in hospitals I think the gas could really pass through the mattress and affect me if it were harmful) for a few weeks and I started developing symptoms of red itchy eye, breathlessness, fever (And all these symptoms were only happening in the night time. (Where I spend most of the time inside my room. My dad said there could be gas leaking from the A/c so he told me to leave remove it from my room. I don't have any other place to keep it. (I'm not hoarding it. It's just way too heavy for me to carry it outside) Is A/c gas really that harmful? Are my symptoms really because of A/c gas leak? Should I call someone to help me remove it? 

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    It causes a whole bunch of side effects, but unless you deliberately inhale it they should be mild. See the info in the link.  It's always a good idea to get rid of junk like that anyway.  I

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    Find a friend and remove it outside. 


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    The freon gas seeping from the old A/C unit is very toxic.  It would not surprise me in the least if you are already developing tumors in your lungs.

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