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Did the Vatican actually approve homosexual unions or Pope’s comments have been misconstrued?

This is not the first time people (intentionally or unintentionally) misinterprets pope’s casual statements and media blows it up.

Just last year, the pope said gay adoption harms children.

The pope’s approval of homosexual unions have been captured in documentary 'Francesco' a year and half ago.

Francesco is directed by former Israeli Defence Forces member Evgeny Avineesky. Avineesky has a long history of anti Catholic social media history. He also claimed that Pope Benedict had 'come out' as homosexual.

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     Oh, it's much more subtle than that! The official position of the church: Being homosexual is not a sin but engaging in homosexual sex is a sin. Now, when pope Francis was archbishop of Buenos Aires he opposed gay marriage but endorsed legal protection for the rights of gay people. 7 years ago he famously asked "who am I to judge?" regarding homosexuality. In a documentary of his papacy (Francesco) shown yesterday at the Rome Film Festival, he said "Homosexual people have a right to be in a family. They are children of God and have a right to a family. Nobody should be thrown out or be made miserable over it. What we have to create is a civil union law. That way they are legally covered.  I stood up for that."  

    One section of the film was about Andrea Rubera and his partner Dario De Gregorio who have adopted 3 children and want to bring them up as Catholics.  What was not clear from the newspaper article is whether this part of the film was about historic events (e.g. when Francis was arch-bishop of Buenos Aires). The endorsement of same-sex unions will have a huge impact in Africa, Asia and Latin America. In some countries it can be a crime to engage in homosexual activities.

    So, it he saying it's okay for same-sex homosexual men to live together in a civil partnership and bring up children in the Catholic faith BUT it's a sin for them to engage in sex? What about same-sex lesbian women?  What about the purpose of marriage to procreate?  No wonder conservative Catholics are speaking out! And Protestants also speak out because the clear teaching of scripture is, once again, being manipulated to go with the current flow of popular thinking.

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    Homosexuality and paedophilia have been rife throughout the Catholic Priesthood for years!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The Vatican's Ambassador to the United Nations revealed to the UN Committee monitoring the UN Treaty Against Torture that since 1984 the Vatican has defrocked 848 priests who raped or molested children and sanctioned a further 2,572. These figures are truly shocking! Even worse is virtually all of them were protected from criminal investigation!  

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    The Vatican, the Pope and his church just want people to follow them and if not that to pay them respect as special people somehow above everyone else. They want to take the place of God and are not a scrap interested in truth and will say anything to achieve their end. They are exactly like the Scribes and Pharisees in wanting to maintain their positions, to the point of murdering Christ.

    As the Devil offered Christ all the kingdoms of this world if he would bow down and worship him so the Pope offers a false world to those who will bow down to him.

    As the Devil is thoroughly evil and wicked so is the Pope and his church..

    Now we have the Bible, which they kept from the people for hundreds of years persecuting to death those that sought the Bible, we can now see clearly how they flatly contradict the Bible in their doctrines and practices, just as the Devil does.

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    As best as I can tell, his opinion is the same as many non-Catholic Christians.  He still considers homosexuality a sin, but if some governments want to give homo couples legal rights similar to marriages, instead calling them "civil unions", he's not against the idea.  Such is way better than legally bastardizing the word "marriage" like was done in the USA with the term "gay marriage".

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    According to the News on TV the Pope is actually trying to push homosexuals civil union marriages. Which is actually against God's law. God destroyed the city of Sodom and Gomorrah for gross sexual immorality as one of the main reasons for their destruction.

    The Pope is just a celebrity and icon. This one is certainly not a holy man of God. 

    I know this sounds homophobic but God clearly and explicitly states that homosexual BEHAVIOUR is an abomination. Marriage doesn't even come into the equation because any other union outside of a heterosexual union is not a marriage. In biblical law marriage is determined by whom you have sexual relations or an agreed dowry. A certificate is of rabbinic origin. It only shows 'before' who is married to whom. The entire ceremony is a party, rabbis signing signatures and two people making vows of sincerity and listening to a sermon about the true meaning of marriage in the eyes of God. 

    Hence whatever people call themselves or whatever union they want to be in has no bearing on the true definition of marriage. Those who don't believe in God will seek the law of the land to gain acceptance and recognition. The only thing they achieve is societal recognition but Judaism, Islam and Christianity do not accept it. God looks at their behaviour as being rebellion to His Authority. I'll let God take care of that business. What the Pope is pushing is prostitution, fornication and moral bankruptcy according to God's Law. 

    He might think who knows what God is thinking but if he ignores what the bible has already written about the matter than isn't he a fool?  

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