Is it still sleep paralysis if you're able to move?

I keep waking up and seeing a ghost either sitting beside me or standing in my room. This time I felt my bed shaking while I was waking up and I sat up to look at a face staring at me from the bottom of my bed. I never saw its face before. It always looked like it was wearing a cloak before. I have had sleep paralysis before and I couldn't move so is it still considered sleep paralysis if I can move? I don't believe in paranormal but I'm starting to question it. I was just sitting there in shock, holding my covers till it vanished before my eyes.

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  • 3 weeks ago

    You have a dark spirit that is stealing your precious promises from God, while you sleep.  They dwell in dark places.  This thing won't go away.  You have to cast it away.  You keep welcoming it by following the social media standards.  You must stop greeting and socializing people you don't know.  Keep your head down and speak to no one.  It is easier due to the quarantine.  This is the opportunity you have been needing to cast dark spirits away from you.  They will insist on socializing because you have to invite them in.  They take an invitation from something as little as just having looked at them, so keep you head down.  This should be enough to cast them out.  But if it isn't then call on the name of Jesus Christ the son of God and he will cast them out for you.  If you believe in him, he will come and when he cast the demon out it is like the sound of an explosion, so you go into another room and follow his directions.  Don't be an idiot and try to have a conversation with him.  Don't be an arrogant stupid and make me regret having referred you.  Jesus will cast the demon out, just like it says in the Bible.  He helped me this way 2 times.  They were very strong demons that came from the east coast.  And, another one was the product of a serial killer.  Jesus cast them out and they never came back again.  If you don't cast them out then they have the power to return you to slavery.  They exist enough to torment you day and night and you won't be able to find the door to escape.  The doors disappear.  Trust in Jesus.

  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    Why a "ghost" and not an optical illusion, hallucination, nightmare, or other psychological manifestation?

    Why a "ghost" and not a masked, shrouded, costumed, deformed, or injured human engaging in a prank, hoax, or even criminal activity? 

    Why a "ghost" and not an exotic animal like a chimp? 

    Why a "ghost" and not a demon, angel, deity, or other paranormal, supernatural, or spiritual manifestation? 

  • 1 month ago

    This sounds like a waking dream. Your mind is still dreaming while you are waking up. Although it might be scary, it is not dangerous. Just stay calm and tell yourself to end the dream. 

  • 1 month ago

    Unlike the self-appointed plagiarist doctors on this site, I would say, you are simply having a very vivid dream. You will possibly have many more and the main cause is diet. That is something I was taught by my parents at a very young age. I did not have to plagiarise from the internet.

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  • Gary K
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    No, but you are describing hallucinations commonly associated with hypnopompia, the "state of consciousness leading out of sleep": 

  • 1 month ago

    No, not if you can move.  The word "paralysis" is used for a reason, and paralysis only means one thing.  What you had was a dream, but it wasn't sleep paralysis.  

    Yes I know you had woken up when it happened, I didn't miss that part.  But nobody ever said dreams shut off when we open our eyes.  Just like falling asleep, waking up happens in stages.  Even when your eyes pop open and you sit bolt upright in bed, much of your brain is still in sleep mode for several minutes.  That's why most people need a shower and at least one cup of coffee before they can function in the morning.  It takes time to become fully awake.

    I believe in the paranormal no problem, but I also believe in logical explanations.  Amongst all serious paranormal researchers, there is a standard rule.  That rule says if a non-paranormal explanation is possible, it's the correct explanation.  Sleep stages and dreaming have been accepted as real things for a long time.

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