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My dog ate onion  powder?

I came home and my dog had gotten a bottle of onion powder. It was mostly full when I found it, and most of the powder was still spilled on floor. There was already little throw up so that makes me feel better he got most of what he had out. He threw up a little again during the night but other than that he’s been completely fine. My worry is that when I look online some symptoms show up days later. I wouldn’t be worried except it’s more concentrated than onions. Should I be worried? 

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    Since you did do some research, you know just how toxic it be to dogs.  If you are concerned about the toxicity of onions, talk to your Vet.  Onions are the most toxic thing a dog can get hold of & cause serious damage.  There are no Vets on this site to advise you, so seeking the help of your Vet may be necessary & don't wait to see what kind of damage it is doing.  Take your dog in for an exam & be on the safe side.  oR at least call your Vet.

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    Onions contain a toxin called N-propyl disulphide which is known to cause a breakdown of red blood cells in your dog resulting in anaemia. They also contain a substance called thiosulfate which dogs can't digest and organosulfur which results in toxicosis....so yes you should be worried and you should get your dog to the vet to see if they can do anything to help, not leave it hours/days/weeks without vet care 'hoping' it will be OK

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    Sorry, but there are no vets on yahoo.  I would suggest you call your vet and ask.  Try to guessimate if dog got 1 tbsp etc before you call.  In that it was more concentrated, there may be a concern, but hopefully he did not get enough, esp if he threw up twice.  All types of onion, are problematic.  

    Symptoms of onion toxicity are symptoms of hemolytic anemia — when the consumption causes your dog to have a lower than normal amount red blood cells. Look for decreased appetite, weakness, lethargy and pale gums. The ASPCA’s animal poison control site (aspca.org/animal-poison-control) also says that clinical signs include **vomiting** panting and high heart rate. If you see any of these symptoms, take your dog immediately to the veterinarian.https://www.dogster.com/dog-food/can-dogs-eat-onio...

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    I'm worried about you having  a dog. I would maybe get rid of the dog. 

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