Is AMD A10-5800K an "integer" processor?

I currently have an A4-7300 and A6-5400 Processor installed on my 2 PCs. I noticed that most programs (including Task Manager) say that it's a Single Core Processor even though the specs sheet shows that it's a dual-core processor. I've read online that these processors are "integers".

I'm planning to purchase an A10-5800K for both systems but my concern is that it may be an "integer" processor as well (saying it's a multi-core processor but registers it as one core). I also read that these processors are a bit slower compared to processors with "real" cores.

AMD Thread where I read about those "integer" processor.

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    They all have floating point units.

    AMD processors such as those and the FX series use a number of "modules".

    Each module has two CPU cores and one floating point unit shared between the two; a quad-core CPU has two modules (as with the A10), an eight-core has four modules.

    The FPU can do handle two simultaneous tasks with numbers up to 128 bit long, or a single 256 bit numeric operation.

    Intel CPUs also combine the CPU itself (which is integer) with an FPU.

    The only difference is how each core and FPU connect; the AMD CPU modules share some resources that each pair of cores will never normally need at the same instant.

    [For info, in early PCs, the FPU was a separate or alternate device & not included as standard.]

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        Model: Quad-Core AMD A-Series APU Processor Model A10-5800K

        Core Count: 4

        Frequency: 3.8 GHz

        L2 Cache: 4 MB

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