Which region in America have the best women?

Is it the south Midwest west or east? Like most good looking women 

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    1 month ago

    "Good looking" is so subjective that there's no one answer to this. 

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Obviously the concept of "best" is subjective, but logic dictates that where there are more women, there's bound to be a greater number of good-looking women. The United States is comprised of several different regions - some of them official in one capacity or another, and some of them completely unofficial, as well as a multitude of sub-regions. You could divide the US up into the Northeast, the South, the Midwest, the Southeast, and the West, but many people would argue that New England and the Great Lakes and the Rocky Mountains and the Deep South or Southeast would constitute their own specific region. 

    There are over 50 million people living in what's commonly referred to as the Northeast, but the problem is that there are no set parameters for what's considered the Northeast. Is Delaware a northeastern state? Someone from Maine might not think so, but someone from Georgia may argue that Delaware isn't located in the South either. Is Pennsylvania a northeastern state? What about the people living on the border of West Virginia or Ohio? They might not identify as northeasterners. 

    Without being able to determine with any degree of certainty where one region ends and the next begins, we really can't build a case for any part of the country having bragging rights when it comes to the most gorgeous women. 

    California is the most populous state. It's also fairly varied in terms of demographics. I think it would be fair to say that the Western United States - by far the largest region in the contiguous US, would likely be the place where you would find the widest variety of women, and because there are over 80 million people living there, it only stands to reason that the most gorgeous women in the West must be the most plentiful, working under the assumption that they comprise the same percentage of the total that they would anywhere else. 

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