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Should I finally confront my mom about her favoritism?

I borrowed some money from my brother a few months ago to pay my car note. It was less than $100. Over the years I have done a lot for my brother including letting him stay with me and keeping his kids when they were little. Honestly I feel like he owes me and doesn't appreciate me as his big sister. Well today my teenage daughter came to me and told me that her grandma told her "I know your mama borrowed all those hundreds of dollars from your uncle and never paid him back. What did she do with his money? She doesn't have no right to take his money!" My daughter knew nothing so came to me to ask why her grandma who she adores is asking her about so called stolen money. I didn't appreciate that at all because not only did I not steal anything but why is my brother who is a grown man running to our mom with his version of events. Our mom has always favored my brother and if he says something then she thinks it's the gospel truth. It's bad enough that my only child worships her, but now she's telling my brother's lies to my daughter too and giving her the impression I'm some kind of black sheep. 

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    i would talk to her about it

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    You don't want to mess with your daughter's love for her grandma.  But you do want to read your mom the riot act.  What she did was completely inappropriate, because she dragged a child into an adult conflict.  Just as bad, she painted you in a bad light.

    Don't mince words when you talk to her, and I don't think it would be wrong to point out you still control her access to your daughter.  Also, I guess this has to be asked, but how old is your mom?  Is it possible she could be in the early stages of dementia or something?  If she's never done something like this, that's a possibility, because it represents a change in personality.  If she has done this sort of thing before, you were probably too "nice" about it.  A grandparent should never say anything negative about their child to their grandchild.  So there's that to possibly consider as well.  And, of course, tell your brother to grow up.  Running to mommy should have ended when he was 13.

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    Think it will help?

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    You need to first speak to your brother about his big mouth, then you keep you daughter away from your mother. I hope that you payed him back the money. Do your best not to ask him again. Id even think about cutting him from my life also.

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    Favoritism has nothing to do with it.  The issue is the alleged theft of hundreds of thousands of dollars.  Tell the old bat - point blank, that you borrowed ONLY $xx (less than $100) and you paid it back long ago and she needs to shut her mouth and stop spewing lies, that there's a huge difference between borrowing and stealing.

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