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Was the 1997 logo to Universal really pure Goldsmith?

I read somewhere that it was supposed to be a logo intro for the sequel to "Jurassic Park" so I think John Williams arranged it, so I don't think it's purely Goldsmith. Besides his music comes off as too evil-sounding to be something like Universal. That logo was made for "Jurassic Park: The Lost World" (a John Williams-composed feature), so it's definitely John William's theme. Goldsmith's involvement is tiny compared to Williams'. Same with "Voyager" theme. That's Jay Chattaway way more than Goldsmith. Besides Goldsmith's actual music is too shitty and evil-sounding to be the theme of a great company like Universal.

Carolco Pictures sucked as a result.

Every movie from that company, Carolco, has that "Basic Instinct"-like thing to it.

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    Yes, Goldsmith did produce the fanfare music for Universal Studios.

    I can't find anything saying Williams worked on the fanfare in any way.Universal began using a new version of Goldsmith's fanfare in 2012, re-arranged by Brian Tyler, for its 100th anniversary. He also did the logo music for Paramount TV, Warner Home Video, and CBS.

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