Why am i always tired?and im breaking out so much ?

I'm tired no matter how much sleep i get.  And I've been breaking out like crazy these past months. Never broke out like this before 

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  • Andy C
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    Break out with what?  Kinda important information if you want an accurate answer. 

    I can tell you the most likely cause,  but your addiction will have your brain trying to call me an idiot or worse.

    IDC, truth is truth.   It's your liver that is sick from a diet containing regular added sugars, syrups, juices, nectars and white flour products as well as corn-fed animal products, trans fats and/or alcohol. 

    These are all 'cleared' by the liver if used sporadically,  but chronic use cause build-up of ROS in your liver mitochondrial cells,  causing inflammation and dysfunction that causes FURTHER inflammation. 

    The inflammation causes first dysfunction and eventually failure or one or more of your organs.   This is fun stuff, huh?  

    Diabetes II is the pancreas going 1st.

    Heart disease is the CV system going 1st.

    Acne is the skin going 1st.

    It's up to the individual's DNA. 

    Often it causes (and fructose addiction definitely causes) brain dysfunction that manifests as brain fog, anxiety,  depression and more.

    What's being altered are your hormones and THAT is likely why you are chronically tired: your thyroid is starting to give.

    Time to see your doctor and an endocrinologist. 

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