How to tell my current job I am not taking this new job?

So I was going to take a new job but i been having problems with them so i decided that I am going to withdraw from the job (they screwed me over with my hours, start date, wanting me to retake a drug test just to get a new start date, reducing me from 4 days to 3 days part time, putting me from regular associate to seasonal without telling me or asking me (had to find out online) and now my online orientation won’t save and its due soon and it would mess with my start date).

How can I tell my current job I am no longer taking the new job so they do not have to mess with my schedule? I would actually like to keep the days I gave them that I can work if i was taking the other job but instead work more hours those days and make one of those days a day shift. Its retail and I actually gave one weekend day :/

My plan was to work both jobs but oh well

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  • Eva
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    Your current job is under no obligation to give you the hours you desire.  In retail, you work the hours they need which doesn't necessarily line up with the hours you want to work.  They usually have a set number of hours to assign and they aren't going to give you more hours on a particular day just because you want them.  Don't wait any longer to tell your manager or supervisor that you want to change your hours.  Schedules are usually done at least 2 weeks in advance and it's a pain to change them.

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