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Is there a way to have a good social life again in my situation?

At adulthood. no friends, no picture of myself with friends, no social media . What am i supposed to do? Im sure if i start a friendship, they will ask where my friends are and my social media


I dont know where to start is ther problem. They usually dont want to engage when i start saying hi

Update 2:

they wont ever know if im a good person if i never have a chance

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    hmm u are right. these things people should understand when they judge on nonsense. ( in my case, people left me because of nonsense) they never thought what i was losing.  i would be saying i failed. he would say ... but but...your house.

    just tell the new friend the complete truth of your life. tell humbly not that u are innocent 100percent. just tell to keep ur friendship nice and private and that u wont be fussy.

    it wasnt worth it. but just think of the good things.

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    You don't always need social media. 

    I would personally never want to be around people who only care for that stuff. I would avoid them. I would rather be alone than hang out with a bunch of losers. Once you meet someone who's worth calling a friend, you'll know. I'm 24 and I don't have much friends at all. There are people I talk with at work but it's just talking. You will be fine.

  • Nobody cares about your social media accounts, and many people (especially adults) don't feel the need to post photos all the time. Just be a good person.

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