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Are South Asians seen as smart people in USA?


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  • 1 month ago

    idk about smart, ..... but they are hard workers like the mexicans were as i've worked with refugees from burma for a short whiLE and they could work their a.sses off like crazy , ....... none of their english was very good though so I couldn't really gauge their intelligence too much , ........ but they were nice , ....... 

    it was also interesting that some of the white managers preferred the Burmese to the Mexicans even though the Mexicans could actually speak good English so it was weird , ........ and there were many Mexicans/hispanics in management as well and no burma people or other foreigners in management except for a couple token blacks , ...... 

    i still have no idea what that was all about now even though i'm thinking back to it , ........ 

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