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My boyfriend constantly wants sex?

We've been dating a little over a year and he knew I was in nursing school when we started talking, so I made sure he knew sometimes I wouldn't see him much because I'll be busy studying and doing homework. (If you've been through nursing school, then you know how crazy it is).

I keep telling him that I'm almost done and then I'll have more free time (I should be graduating in December), but he always nags me about sex like we have to have sex every time we see each other and if I don't initiate it, he thinks it's because I don't want him, but I do sometimes initiate it. Other than the frequency, I would say our romantic life is good.

I try to see him about once a week so it's not like we haven't been doing it at all, but he's "always h*rny" according to him and I can't always make time to see him because I'm stressing out about an exam or something. 

Is this something we can work on? I keep telling him if we lived together, it would be different, but his constant nagging is stressing me out even more. And I've told him that.

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    I think your boyfriend obviously has a high sex drive, which is completely normal. However, he needs to be far more understanding given that you are studying and your exams are obviously important. He also needs to realize that if you turn him, it is nothing personal. In saying that, what you can do is have him come and see you if that works. If not, then perhaps masturbation is viable alternative until you are available to see him. Ultimately, compromise is the key to overcoming this complication and perhaps the best solution is scheduling time each week to see each other. If you can agree on that then neither one of you can complain that the other is being unfair. I really hope this helps :)

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    Have a genuine conversation with him telling him how he is stressing you out and you need to spend more time focusing on school work. If he does not understand or doesn't want to deal with your schedule then give him an ultimatum. (I wouldnt say break up with him but definitely make sure he knows that if this keeps going on that the relationship wont last much longer)

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    accept him the way he is, or drop him.

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    you see each other once a week, i'd say he's acting pretty normal...

    if he won't change or understand, then he'll never do so. 

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