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I am 24. I have a 3-year-old son. I am pregnant. I just broke off my engagement with my fiance. And I live at home with my mom who hates that I'm still home. I graduated from college last year with my bachelor's degree in business and then the pandemic of covid-19 hit which made me get laid off from my minimum wage-paying job. By this time I got pregnant and no job wants to hire me because they're afraid ill quit once I give birth. My ex-fiance is begging me to come back to him (which would be the easiest option since he is working and has a place and is okay with me not working at the moment) but he is very controlling and overbearing and causes me a lot of stress and drama. Being away from him for this short time has given me more mental freedom than I've had in a while.

My mom wants me out of the house because she says she dedicated most of her life to raising children and now she wants to live her own life and even though she does not have to babysit my son, he is unavoidable. I have a little over $7k saved that I was saving to eventually buy a house one day but at this point, all I want to do is get out of this house where I and my children are not welcome and be able to support myself with my two children. It is impossible for me to get a job! I am currently volunteering to mentor first-generation high school students who are transitioning to college but this obviously is unpaid and doesn't get me out of this place. What should I do?

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    1 month ago
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    Spend some of that money on couples counseling with the father of your children. If this guy isn't physically violent or a rage case some talking through things might enable you to get back together with him. This is, as you state, probably the best scenario for your kids. Then as the pandemic wears on maybe consider turning your volunteer efforts into a job by starting your own non-profit that can take donations to do the kind of work you're already doing for free. That BA in business should at least enable you to run such an organization and to be able to draw a salary from it. 

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    1 month ago

    Your best option would be to go back with your fiance, but mentally you are in a much better place away from him.  However, your mental health and well being will suffer even more after your baby comes and you still don't have a job, or a place to live.  Is there any way your fiance would go to counseling?  He is gone all day at work so you would be at home in a safe place with your children.  If it can be worked out and you tell him that the control has to stop, and he agrees then you should consider this even if it's temporary.  It's hard to find work right now so I think this might be best.

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    1 month ago

    okay. u have to move back in with ur fiance. its his right.Hes the baby'sfather. You also cannot find anyone better. Please think of the baby's safety. Im sure he realized the nonsense he did before after some days away from u. To be honest, he could be feeling hurt about your son. Just like girls get jealous about past love child ( for me either married or not, the baby is from another relationship), guys also feel hurt. Like how this other guy had a kid with the girl i love? etc. guys and girls think alike actually for the most part. so just tell him u love him and that he should be relieved that he knew your truth. Sometimes pregnancy can have a sort of innocence to it. you were just 21. try to explain that. u could have been any other girl and he wouldnt have cared. so just tell him nicely and calmly that u love him and he is your fiance. he shoudlnt forget that part. hope this helps. tc. just trying to help.I dont have relationship experience, but i told what i felt is just. best wishes

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    i would just move out

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