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Recommend me ONE textbook that can cover an entire Quantum Physics degree?

From freshman year to senior year in 1 book. An entire physics degree with focus on quantum physics


And also an accompanying mathematics book that covers freshman calculus through partial differential equations in 1 book

Update 2:

Books that cut the fluff, and get down to business and get to the point for a self learner who doesn't want to spend 4 years getting a physics degree but just wants the meat and potatoes to teach himself in his leisure time

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  • 3 months ago

    There is not a ONE book but there is a ONE source. It is called a Library.

    It has everything you need to learn for your PhD in physics except the money.

  • 3 months ago

    What you ask for is completely ridiculous.  This is a field where we simply don't know enough.  Where many people disagree on the correct interpretation.  And where "fashions" tend to dictate beliefs.  You need to see different points of view and try to separate out consensus from blind faith.

    If you are merely interested in getting a background then there are plenty of good resources to choose from.  But an ENTIRE degree?  Why not include "world peace" and "health" ?  Perhaps the book "everything you needed to know about anything and everything by D Trump" would be useful.

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