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Would the world panic or celebrate at the end of the American Era, if a country I made 50 years before, risen to world power?

And this was the considered the dividing event between the American Era that no longer existed...

And my "Neo Victorian Era"...

The entire month of December at the "Grand Regency Opera House" in the city of "Waldorf Astoria"...

And we played Enya's Classical Music, and Steampunk and neo victorian music..

And classical true victorian music...

And Episcopal church music.

And we displayed and sold fresh pastel art and paintings..

Sold bibles and Episcopal books and Episcopalian church jewelry..

And we had hundreds of 30 foot tall..overly decorated Christmas trees in a line.

And gave out Christmas presents to the public..

And had an architecture show...

Displaying the future of our architecture..

The Victorian style townhouses 😆

And people bought into the Neo Victorian fashion...

Would the world panic or celebrate ?

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