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Why is she like this???? Help?

Ive been at my job for 2 years, there’s this girl on my floor who i have a crush on. Shes married with 1 daughter, ive never ever said anything to her About my feelings because of respect.    

We always talk at work, And i always make her laugh.

 i always catch her staring at me, and when we make eye contact she looks down. She talks to me about her family, because i ask questions but she never mentions her husband with me. she talks about her kids with me, she plays with her hair alot when im around her, sometimes she stares at me so much that i begin to feel awkward.

 I told her i was gonna Call i was calling in Tomorrow, and she said *i guess you gotta admire my face from a distance*....... She’s quiet with other people, then she has a smile when im around

Why does she act this way towards me????? Im not trying to get with her, im just curious

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  • T J
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    1 month ago

    Never mess with a married woman. let alone a co worker, both bad things to do.

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