Will Nintendo ever take Waluigi MORE seriously as a character?

Hi. I'm somewhat of a video game geek/nerd and I am just a bit curious about this. 

Waluigi has been around literally TWO DECADES. 2020 marks the 20th anniversary of his debut, and Nintendo never did anything to officially celebrate the event. To be fair they never celebrated Wario's 25th or Daisy's 30th either. Waluigi never had a proper ad campaign to introduce him to the general public. Not counting the first SUPER MARIO MAKER game he's never appeared in an official Mario franchise platformer - no Mario, Luigi or even Wario ones - as a playable character, a supporting one, or as an antagonist. He has gotten referenced in a few Mario franchise platformers. He has made a few minor appearances in WarioWare games.

He has mainly appearred in side Mario games, and his only major role in any Mario game was being one of the main antagonists in DDR: MARIO MIX - a side Mario game.

People complained about his lack of playability in the Super Smash Bros. games.

Apparently, Nintendo doesn't think Waluigi is that important, even though he's considered part of the main cast of Mario characters.

When will Nintendo take him more seriously as a character?

When will this character officially be in the spotlight? When will he officially break free of his filler character status and from being associated with his trademark tennis racket? In some games Nintendo doesn't want people to forget about his MARIO TENNIS roots.

Please help. Thank you.

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