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Physics question need help?

(a) What is the period of rotation of Earth in seconds? (b) What is the angular velocity of Earth? (c) Given that Earth has a radius of 6.4×10^6m at its equator, what is the linear velocity at Earth’s surface?

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    a)  A Sidereal Day  [ time Earth takes to make ONE complete Rotation compared to the distant stars ]  is  :

      t =  23 hrs 56 min 4.06 sec .... or    86,164.06 sec

    ( a Solar day is  approx 4 min longer as Earth rotates a bit more to point towards the same spot at the Sun ..due to Earth, Sun movement in space )

    b)  angular velocity , w is    w =  @/t   so  2π / t      you do the calculation   answer in rad/ sec  

    c)  w = v / r    so     v = wr         again  you calculate  v 

    you calculated  w,  and  r  was given by you.       answer in  m / sec 

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