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Peter Parker's relative age?

In the main comics, how old is Peter Parker in relation to the other heroes, such as the Avengers, X-Men, F4, Heroes for Hire, etc.?

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    Anything more accurate than that and you're fooling yourself.  Comics are notoriously fuzzy with time.  Unlike most comic characters, Peter has noticeably aged throughout his comics lifetime.  I've even seen some writers try to nail down how much comic time passes for Peter compared to real time.  

    But the rest of the Marvel Universe seems frozen in time.  If Peter has aged a decade or two, shouldn't Matt Murdock be past his athletic prime and retire from Daredevilling?

    The simple truth is that time in comics isn't really being tracked by authors, and if you try to hard to make sense of it, you're just going to wrap yourself into a mental pretzel.

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    Late 20s to early 30s is the age of a lot of the marvel characters. They say the general rule in universe it’s been around 15 years since the early 60s, so you just would have to figure their original age and add 15 in most cases, tho sometimes this is inaccurate. In 2014 they said Peter was 15 at the time he was bitten, and that it’s been 13 years since then. Johnny is about the same age as Peter, but the rest of the ff is 4-10 years older. In the comics Jessica Jones went to high school with Peter so she’s about the same age too, but it’s never been said how old Luke Cage is. There’s a semi recent story where Iron Fist was about to turn 33, so that’s probably his age now. And the X-men, well in their comic recently many of them died and were remade from clones and have been reborn younger so we have no clue on their age, the new mutants were in their mid 20s ten years age but now they’re all teenagers or close to it again which is creepy to me. In the last 22 years, cap Thor and iron man have all died and been replaced and then gotten new bodies, so again who knows what their exact age is now. Basically comics are very confusing if you want to find exact details like this. 

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