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How do you buy groceries and essentials if you have COVID-19?

Let's say you are diagnosed with covid and you are asked to quarantine, but at the same time you did not go grocery shopping beforehand and you are left without groceries, water, medicine or any other essentials in your home. How are you supposed to get these supplies while being asked to quarantine? Can you still go to the grocery store with a mask on and socially distance yourself from others to get essentials? It would suck to be under the risk of suffering from starvation and thirst in addition to the virus.

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    You can order online & have your needs delivered, in most cases. Or possibly, a friend, relative or neighbor could pick up your essentials. If you have covid, stay put.

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    We are all under that risk from lock-downs. 

    There are stores that deliver.  And you could always ask family or friends to leave stuff at your door.

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    1 month ago

    You mail order your groceries online.  

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    If you are just quarantined (under house arrest) you are a CASE. In order to find out if you have the disease, you should seek hands on medical examination. If you take care of your immune system it will take care of you. 

    Don't you notice that the powerful human immune system is never and has never been included in all the so-called expert medical dialogue. I wonder why that is?

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    1 month ago

    You should have your groceries delivered in a manner which doesn't involve contact with someone.  Maybe use a grocery delivery service if you can.  Or have someone you know do your grocery shopping for you.  If you're well enough to drive you can also look at curbside pickup.  Some stores will bring the groceries right out to your car and put them in with minimal contact with you. 

  • Get your groceries and medicine delivered or do curb side pick ups, if you're doing the later wear a mask and don't get out of your car, accept to open or close your trunk. Or get some one else to do those things for you. You can also order take out food. 

    You should be stocking up on foods that don't expire too quickly, like canned goods, dry herbs and spices, frozen foods or foods you can freeze, rice, pasta, dry beans / lentils, and fresh foods that keep for long periods of time like potatoes. 

    I'm not rich, I do curb side pick ups. I don't have the time or patients to wait around in a grocery store for hours. I also have issues with my back and my feet, standing around for long periods of time (with out walking around) can cause some pain. I haven't been into a grocery store since April 2020, I don't want to risk it too many people in one place.

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    I live in a town of 100,000.   Both WalMart stores,   Sam's Club,    six grocery stores and one hardware store have it set up that you can order what you want on line and they will come out of the store and stick the stuff into your car trunk and you do not even have to get out of your car.    Try that.  

  • Audrey
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    If you're rich, you can have groceries and medicines delivered to your home. But it costs more than I spend on groceries . so I guess you put on a mask and go yourself.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    No, you cannot shop for yourself while masked and keeping distance. This puts others at risk.

    You hire a delivery service or get someone else to shop for you and leave it outside, then phone you or ring the bell to tell you it's there. (Water? You have a computer and internet but no running water?)

    The difficulty of setting this up is one reason why many people have bought a little extra every time they shop, so they'll be okay at home.

    We are on day ten of quarantine and while some of the fresh stuff has run out (milk, vegetables except frozen, fruit except for one lemon), we can easily last the full 14 days based on what's in the freezer and cupboard. Delivery is available here, but we're not sure we need it.

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    you have someone buy your groceries and bring them too you

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