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Real or fake baccarat rouge?

I recently bought a MFK Baccarat Rouge 540 perfume off of ebay and was told its a fake due to the j on the bottle in 'kurkdjian' having a profound curve while the authentic perfume is said to not have a curve but a more straight slight curve in the j. 

After doing some fake vs. real online research I found the only other way of telling that mine could possibly be a fake is that the inside of the spray nozzle is metal and not plastic.

However, I'm still leaning on the opinion that this isn't enough info to consider it a fake since the batch code is etched in glass on the bottom of the bottle(very hard to see) and matches the printed batch code on the box.

Could a fake possibly have a batch code etched in glass matching to the one on the box?

Could the slight j in the font difference be just a manufacture "update" kinda like Gucci changing its logo font a bit throughout the years in its belts or chanel updating its bottles and logo fonts throughout the years?

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  • kelvin
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    1 month ago

    i just looked it up and it looks real to me and the price is almost $400

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