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How difficult is it to transfer from Army active duty to ARNG?

I was just curious because I'm planning on joining the Army after high school and going active first just for the extra money for a couple years, then joining the ARNG so I can do college and become a software developer. I've been planning on joining the Army for a while now and I want to go active first just for the extra money and then join the National Guard so I can do college and get my bachelor's and be a software developer. I'm still trying to figure out how many years I should do in active duty. I don't want to spend too long there because I don't want to start my bachelor's degree too late so I'll probably do 2-4 years. 

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    You will most likely need to do your enlistment, usually 4 years, on active duty.  That's what you signed up for.  After that, you are free to re-enlist on active duty, become a drilling Reservist or Guardsman, or just hang out in the IRR to finish out your 8 year commitment.  Of course, in order to transition to the Guard, you would have to be eligible for re-enlistment.  

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