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I don’t have a college degree and I have zero work experience. Would it be easier to break into front-end web development or UX Design?


*Zero RELATED work experience 

Update 2:

*I forgot to mention that I am going to be enrolled in a bootcamp program for either one. Would that be sufficient enough? What about all the people who say you don’t need a college degree for these things?

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    1 month ago

    if by "break into" you mean "get a job in", i should tell you that without a portfolio of things you have made with your knowledge, your chances are slim.

    luckily, you can just build a bunch of stuff (and test it for errors) proving you know what you are doing, and boosting your troubleshooting skills.

    you really need 10000 hours of practice to get good at anything, and no one will hire you without proof that you have it.

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    I suggest web development, but you *do* need to have some basic skills and having some web pages you've developed will help impress an employer.

  • EddieJ
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    1 month ago

    Edit: People who say you don't need degree are people who simply like to express a positive attitude.  Of course, you don't NEED a degree -- if you have an uncle or a neighbor who will hire you.

    Meanwhile, bootcamps are for your CURRENT employer to choose.  If you have asked your employer to promote you, and they decide they will do so by sending you to a bootcamp, that's a way in.  Unemployed people generally cannot get a job by taking a bootcamp -- but it depends on what kind of work experience you have had.  Even if it's unrelated -- if it shows substantial abilities in a general sense, then that can be your selling point.


    If an employer can find applicants with college degrees, why do you think that they'd pay ANY attention to you?

    Meanwhile, focus on which you think you'd have a greater aptitude for.

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