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In Lord of the Flies what are three images that 'foreshadow' that it's not a paradise?

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    The diarrhea  from only eating fruit.  The aggressive pigs. The dead bodies.

  • Zac Z
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    Frankly, it's been too long that I've read the book to remember these details. I'd have to read the book again - but then, YOU could also read the book. Which is what you're supposed to do anyway, right?

  • Anonymous
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    Hm, I read it a long time ago. Let's see.

    Piggy's glasses break and he manages without them, foreshadowing his being able to adapt so well he becomes the only successful hunter.

    Twins Sam and Eric, who were so close the boys think of them as a single being, SamnEric (I forget how Golding spelled that) have an argument and stop speaking to one another, foreshadowing that the boys will split into two tribes.

    There's choir leader Jack singing so high and loud, foreshadowing his castration after failing at the hunt.

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