What should I do if my friend is acting this way! ?

Hello there ok so my friend is acting like I’m not spending time with her just because I have a boyfriend and because I got a lot going on in my life right now. I tried telling her five times that I will always make time for her whenever it’s possible for me to do so! She always says I don’t make time for her which is not true because I talked to her on the phone for 4 hours two nights ago. Just so you guys know my friend lives in a different state so I can’t physically see her like I used to! I mean I don’t want to shame her for feeling the way she’s feeling but I feel like she could at least be a little respectful! Just so y’all also know I got to school and work 2 jobs which includes doing doordash and Instacart as well as working for a restaurant and for Home Depot! I’m trying to make time for everyone but it’s hard when I have a lot going on! My friend also messaged me last night saying she wants to take a break from our friendship for a month because she thinks I’m not making time for her! I’m trying everything I can to not make her feel the way she’s feeling! What should I do?

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