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Can Contards name the only 2020 Presidential nominee with actual felony indictments pending?

We are not talking about “allegations” we are talking filed charges awaiting trial.

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    Republicans elected a guy president who was on tape bragging about sneaking up on unsuspecting women, reaching under their skirt, and grabbing them by the "pu33y". When the Republican party finds a person who took personal credit for sexually assualting women for sport and makes that person president that tells you a lot about those people.

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    1 month ago

    :....pending?" what does that mean?

    Libs claiming Trump is cheating on taxes because he paid a small amount. Odd the IRS doesnt know anything about it. Sounds a lot like their claims about Romney in 2012. Once again no charges no convictions.

    What you shud ask is why did Comey list Hilerys KNOWN proven felonies (destroying gov. documents) followed by " attorney will prosecute the case". Talk about being protected from the top!


    But at least.....

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