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Reasonable golf items?

Helloo, so everyone in my family is into golf and I have already started buying gifts for Christmas lol! Obviously golf stuff is very expensive no matter what it is ...and I’m curious if there is a place that sells reasonable golf supplies? I know nothing about it so truly anything helps ! 

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  • Short answer: yes.

    From experience as someone who plays quite a bit, don't overthink things.  A few suggestions that won't break the bank:

    1) Buy a dozen of their favourite brand/model of golf balls.  Just ask them what they play.  Any big box golf retailer will have them; you can also order them through multiple online stores, including Amazon.  Cost?  $35-$50.  Super easy, and they'll appreciate it.  My old admin assistant always got me two dozen of my favourite model which ran her $100 and got them customised with my hockey sweater number (29).  But a dozen would be a lovely and useful gift.

    2) If that's too much, think practical.  A spray-on sunscreen is dirt cheap (my last visit to the US I bought several Trader Joe's sunscreen; for $6.00 US it's a steal; get them a few and you're under $20.).  A bug spray is also a good thing (not much fun playing when you get bit by mosquitoes or other).

    3) Don't buy clubs.  It's like buying a woman lingerie; unless she specifically tells you what she likes it's playing with fire.  Don't.  

    4) If they all play together and you don't mind spending $60-$100+ per person, buy them a certificate good for them to play at an upscale public course nearby.  Golf Advisor is a fantastic place to research where, and many courses will sell certificates online.  They can play together and they'll think of how awesome you were to set them up.

    5) Tickets to a professional tournament if there's one nearby.  Could be risky given COVID, but non-major championship tickets are cheap for what you get (usually run around $25-$35 per ticket).

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