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which is better to use?

tampons or pads? I'm sick of how pads feel and I was thinking of using tampons but I'm not really sure


thank you :)

Update 2:

Lol no, tampons are NOT only for people who started having sexual activities. Tampons can used by anybody whether they’re a virgin or not. The other information you gave is WRONG as well. Do not answer anymore questions in “women’s health” because you don’t know what you’re talking about and don’t seem very educated on women’s health. 

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    Up to you.  Try them and see how you feel.  There are now things like moon cups and special knickers which you can wear too.

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    Tampons are for women who have already started on some kind of sexual activity with a man. It is not a good Idea for girls who do not have any sex experience as It causes  inusual dryness to the vaginal área balance and can lead to infection that a young girll is otherwise imune. Pads are the most common choice and easier tô handle.

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    I first switched to tampons because I wanted to be able to swim during my period.  At first I had problems inserting them.  They wouldn't go in far enough and felt uncomfortable.  I soon learned you need to be bleeding a little to provide lubrication so they can slide into place properly.  I also learned to push them up as far as possible.  After that, I had no problems and loved using them.

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