Did I tear my ACL? What will happen?

So I was at a trampoline park with my friends, and I tried doing a trick, and I landed, heard a loud snap or popping noise, and fell in excruciating pain. It was extremely painful. 

We went to an ER, but they didn't really do anything so yesterday, we went to an actual orthopedic emergency room. They took x-rays, and nothing is fractured or broken. 

The doctor however said he thinks it's a severe tear, but he's not sure what I tore. So mom is calling an orthopedic surgeon to do an MRI and see if I need surgery. 

When I straighten my leg, I feel pain. My entire thigh hurts, my knee cap area, and behind that hurts. So pretty much, my knee and above hurt. I can walk on it, but it still hurts to do so. 

The ER gave me a brace to wear, and crutches to use, but I only wear it when I'm up and about. What would also happen if I walked on it like normal? Because I'm still not sure what I tore. 


Also, I forgot to add, my knee is also swelled. 

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  • 2 months ago
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    If it's not torn. Walking on without crutches/brace then you could tear it abit or completely. You could have pulled the ACL which is still pretty darn painful. If it's torn, your looking at possible surgery plus at least 6months recovery. I wouldn't take any chances until you get the proper diagnosis. Ice, elevate and rest it. 

    I badly broke my ankle last month and coz I haven't put proper weight on my leg, I strained my ACL when I finally started to walk and it hurt like a b*tch. 

  • 1 month ago

    It could be an ACL but it could also be a torn medial meniscus I have done both and had surgeries. Actually your description sounds more like ACL. Look up medial meniscus though so you can see the anatomy and figure out where exactly it is.  

    Do not put weight on it, because you will make it worse. Get some crutches. 

  • Marc
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    2 months ago

    The ACl is a ligament that prevents the femur from sliding on the tibia. If you do not use the brace/crutches you risk further injury. 

  • y
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    2 months ago

    If you can deal with the pain, more then likley, you will not create more damage by walking normally. But that is not alwasy the case. You do want to try to straighten that leg and reduce the potential for blood clots.  Until they do an MRI, they will not know what you tore or how sever a tear it is.  A sprain is technically a small tear but not significant enough for surgery. They can take a year to actually heal and such. I tore my meniscus, I was not able to straighten my knee for the three months it took, working through the process and waiting for surgery. My calf was three times it's normal size for the entire time. They did multiple ultrasounds looking for clots, never found them, but I had them come out through my lungs, oh what fun. 

    Follow the docs orders, they will change with the info they learn.  If you have discomfort and pain that do not follow what the doc says, bug and bother them. Swelling, position and such, do factor into what they see on the scans, 2 years after my sons ankle injury they finally saw the tears that required surgery, if we bitched more, maybe it would have been caught sooner.

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  • 2 months ago

    You may have just jerked your knee cap too hard and too fast.

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