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What is the probability for another world war in the next 5 years?

In your opinion... considering Donald Trump being president again and not contributing to trying to keep world peace, such as relations with Russia, in Kosovo (tensions with Serbia) and other peacekeeping missions might be dealt poorly by him and also inside U.S. he's causing splitting between people. 


I would encourage you all to think about the situation in Kosovo. Russia supports Serbia and U.S. supports Kosovo. Kosovo is also supported by NATO and if Serbia takes military action against Kosovo, NATO will intervene by attacking Serbia, causing high tensions between Russia and the first world countries. This is not a joke as the "Anonymous" guy that answered says. WW3 was close to happening in a similar situation in Kosovo in 1999.

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    If Biden is elected, I would say he will renew ties and friendships with our allies. 

    If Trump is re-elected........he's losing his mind and there's no telling what he might pull in the next 4 years. 

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    Just asked the Magic 8 Ball..."All Signs Point to Yes"

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    CYBER world war has been in progress for at least a decade. A conventional world war will next happen about the time of Armageddon.

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    zero chance, trump is not a liberal, and liberals start wars

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    IF the Democrits get in office I would guess about 100 percent of a so called war or POLICE action somewhere. They will send more troops somewhere just to tell the rest of the world they are back in power.

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    considerably less than 10%.

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    Not a chance. The world has changed. 2 countries having a conflict seem not to generate any interest by others. Everyone is just trying to sign more trade deals than the other...

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    As much as I loathe Trump he's made clear he is not a fan of military involvement in foreign affairs and as far as I am aware he has not started any new wars. This is unlike previous Presidents. So, all in all, I'd way WW3 is less likely if Trump wins the election.

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    The only people who are creating more war is Russia, and Syria, as far as countries go. Everyone else is avoiding war. It doesn't mean they don't threaten, but they are not at war. Iran is in Syria, Syria and Russia are fighting in Syria, Armenia, and Azerbaijan, Turkey is fighting in their own capacity in Syria and Armenia. IT's all the same people. Not the US. So, hate Putin and Assad and Erdogan if was is what you hate so much today. Trump created a peaceful environment with Israel, UAE, and Qatar. He's not to blame for belligerence. 

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    very small, as we HAVE no 'world class' enemies left ................

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