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Are good witches beautiful and bad witches ugly? Do some bad witches look like Carmen Sandiego? What happens if I throw water on a witch?

Do good witches look like Glinda from OZ?

Do bad witches look like the witch of the west? Are bad witches ugly? Will a looking glass ward off bad witches?

What happens if I throw water on a witch? Will they melt?

Do some bad witches look beautiful like Carmen Sandiego? Do bad witches that are beautiful typically wear red? 

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    No, good and bad are not as simple as beautiful or oogly.  And who the hell is Carmen Sandiego?  Never mind, it doesn't matter.

    Just like good and bad, beautiful and ugly are matters of subjective opinion.  You and I might think the wicked witch from the west is hideous looking, but I'll bet Nikki Sixx finds her attractive as hell.  And since we're talking about an Ozzy album (or whatever), it was Dorothy who accidentally killed that witch's sister with her house and then stole her shoes.  If someone killed your sister and stole her shoes, wouldn't you object just a little?  Maybe want to take at least some revenge?  

    Fortunately, there is one guaranteed way to find out if a witch is good or evil.  Unfortunately, that one way is to marry her.

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    first of all this question baffles me but i saw it in recommended and just had to say something. no. thats not-- no. dont throw water on a witch, it's rude. you can't tell if it's a good or bad witch based on appearance. and no 'bad witches' do not look like... carmen sandiego... im-- why?

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