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Why don't we make a survey for schools for students to do to see if schools treat kids fairly?

I got this idea while looking at the cases of discrimination in Federal branches on the FBI'S website. It got me thinking maybe we really should be doing that for schools as well. I was emotionally abused constantly at school and had faced sex discrimination before in school and homophobia all by teachers. I think if we really want to see which schools are really treating the future good we should probably do surveys every so often. Now I know some teachers would probably be like don't be saying that about our school. Only one time have I had to do a survey anything like this in my whole time in school and I'm graduated now. I think if we do this we could possibly crack down on bad teachers and bad schools.


Maybe once a month we do this survey. I really think an idea like this could work.

Update 2:

I was suspended from school for being in open support of gay rights on Facebook. As for kids wearing mask I don't really see an issue there.

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    roflmao -- as if kids would respond honestly in the context of their culture ...

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    Forcing masks on kids is a bigger problem then this made up homaphobia. Why are kids being subjected to this? DISGUSTING 

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