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How do I celebrate election night this year with social distancing going on?

It only happens every four years and election night has the excitement of Christmas Eve to a kid without the pain Christmas brings me due to my PTSD. Thus, election night is so much funner then any other time of the year regardless of whether my candidate wins or loses. 


How do I celebrate this year when I can't go to a packed party or a bar like past years. Went to a liberals vs. conservatives party 4 years ago and to a bar with my grandfather 8 years ago. 

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    I'm going to celebrate on Hallowe'en with a "candy zipline" that will deliver treats to those who show up in costume. WHY HALLOWE'EN? Well ... Mail-in ballots will continue to be counted for days and perhaps weeks after the election. That's because if they are mailed/turned in by the due date, they MUST be counted (even if turned in by Trump or Biden, who may have to vote absentee). If there is a discrepancy and the voter has included contact info, the Board of elections has to give the voter a replacement ballot and give a certain amount of time for the voter to correct the problem. So you can celebrate election night if you want to, but we can't celebrate the election being "in the can" until all states have counted all legitimate ballots. May as well do it four days early, at least we'll be close to finishing this mean-spirited, evil "process" that has been defamed, diluted, and disputed to DEATH.

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    Reminds me of a scene in Virtuosity.

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