In The Great Gatsby, was it coincidence or something else, that Nick Carraway, Daisy Buchannan's cousin, rented a small house next to Gatsby?

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    It's intended as coincidence, but's deus ex machina. The home that Fitzgerald was probably thinking of was Old Westbury. However, as old estates were divided up, there were probably former servant's homes that were rented out. Grooms and so on would live closer to the barn than in the main home. 

    As the car and electricity came into use, there were fewer servants needed in even a grand home. Therefore the notion of a cheap rental in an expensive area in those days is not so implausible. 

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    Randomness. He flipped a coin. 

  • Marli
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    Why wouldn't Nick mention to his cousin that he had found a place to live in near her?  He may have asked her to inform him of houses in her neighborhood, and Daisy may have found it for him.

    Nick did not know the prior relationship between Daisy and Gatsby until Gatsby found out that Nick and Daisy were cousins. He then took a closer interest in Nick, using Nick to bring them together.

    An author is allowed a coincidence to happen when such coincidences can occur in real life.

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  • Jo
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    It was a slight contrivance on Fitzgerald's part to move the plot along at a steady pace. If Nick hadn't had some prior relationship to Daisy, the plot would've probably made more logical sense, but it wouldn't have felt nearly as smooth.

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    Some features of any story can be absurd. There are no cheap houses in a rich quarter.

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    There's no such thing as coincidence in story telling. Writing does not involve anything outside of the writers control, there is no chance or unimportant occurrence, if anything happens, its because the author wanted it to.

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