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Where is the C note on a guitar?

There are only 6 strings on my guitar and they are EADGBE so when chords are made with notes where do they bring other notes from like the C? 

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    Each fret along the neck is one semitone higher than the open string note.

    eg. The 12th fret is one octave higher than the open string.

    If you look at the keys on a piano in pure sequence, regardless of white or black, each step there is one semitone, with 12 to an octave.

    It's an oddity of music notation that only certain ones have direct names & the others are sharp or flat from a named note.

    See the image below; start at the open string note and count along to the note you want. That gives you the fret number for the new note:


    On an E string a C is the eighth fret.

    On the A string, a C is the third fret.

    On the D string, a C is the tenth fret.

    On the G string, a C is fifth fret.

    On the B string, it's the first fret.

    And another C 12 frets higher than each of those.

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    By fretting some of the open strings. For example, the fifth string at the third fret produces C, so does the second string at the first fret (different octaves).

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    The C chord? 1st fret of the B, 2nd fret of the D, & 3rd fret of the A, all simultaneously strummed gives you a C chord. There’s a pretty cool thing called google that will show you any guitar chord you want fo learn. Way easier and quicker  than asking yahoo answers at 3 AM.

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