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Should I go back to my ex or date someone this new person?

Me and my ex were together for 8 years and things just turned bad between me and her stuck up family after years of keeping my mouth shut about how they treat her and me. Then she went through a depression and she ended up leaving me after we started having a lot of problems that all stem from our families. We’ve continued to talk and lately things have been going pretty well and we’ve been talking a lot about getting back together. But here’s the thing. I recently ran into someone I used to like a lot and we’ve been talking and I kind of want that to go somewhere. I love my ex and we’ve had a lot of good times together and I want to be with her, but I also don’t feel like things could ever be as good as they once were. And I also feel pretty good about reconnecting with this other person and I feel some excitement in life, but I don’t see her as someone I’d be in a long term relationship with. It seems like no matter what decision I make I’ll be unhappy by the end of it. Either I miss out on seeing where a new relationship can go or go back to my old relationship knowing things will always be between us that will make things difficult. I have actually been considering moving out of state anyway, so maybe I should simply forget both of them and move on to bigger and better things. But then I’ll have to quit my job and it’s a good job. It’s always something. There’s always a problem lol I talk myself out of decisions and prevent myself from being able to figure out what I want

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    It's always enlightening to meet the family of a love interest, because it will help you understand where they are coming from. You already know that family issues will plague the relationship with your ex and anticipate that it will always be the case.

    Sounds like there are issues with your own family you need to deal with. 

    You want a good relationship, which means concessions on both sides.

    There is a saying 'better the devil you know'.  If your ex makes you feel good more often than not, go for it, otherwise give the new love a try.

    It's all about good connections.

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    If you go back to the ex, will the same problems that broke you up, still be there? If so, why get into that again? If you are sure, moving, and a new job is solid, give it some long thought. It maybe what you need, a new fresh start. You have to sit and weigh the pro's and cons of each possibility. Keep your happiness, and future in mind, as you think of the options.

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    I'd say keep being friendly with both. There's no need for romance if you feel like it can't work, and there is nothing bad with having very close friends. Enjoy yourself!

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    I think you must fall in love with someone new. Someone that you can have new experiences, that makes you feel new things, that brings you good things. Employment you find anywhere, better if you are qualified ...

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