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What is the average salary for someone in the United States with an:?

1. AS in computer science

2. BS in computer science

3. BS in computer science and MBA

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    Associate's degree holders might be able to get jobs with call centers or help desks, depending on their skills. Hourly wages, not necessarily enough to live on until you establish your competency. 

    Bachelor's - look up salaries on various websites. Note there is a very great deal of variation depending on area of the country, your area of specialization/expertise, the caliber of school where you earned your degree, references & recommendations, etc. Also consider your job hunting skills - preparing resume & cover letter, researching prospective jobs, interviewing skills, attire, attitude, etc. Also note a lot of sites' "averages" are for those with about 10 years of post-degree experience.

    Bachelor's + MBA - MBAs are a glut on most markets. You need several years of exceptional experience in CS, working your way up to team leader, supervisor, etc. Then MBA, and perhaps hopes of supervisory/managerial position in CS-related department. Maybe eventually, depending on your performance, get to CTO or other executive position related to CS.

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