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Will losing 20 pounds be hard?

I want to lose 20 pounds by November 28th. I've 5'8/5'9 and weigh 119 pounds. I'm not losing much more weight though, and i'm walking a lot

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      First off that is NOT a healthy weight, and is classed as an anorexic weight. Which at a BMI of fourteen point nine to fifteen point one, and over time will take a toll on your overall health. As it is now, you'd be classed as being underweight. To drop below a BMI of seventeen point five would place you in the anorexic category. At five foot nine you're already close to being classed as being at an anorexic weight. Dropping two tenths of a point would place you in the anorexic weight classification.

      If you're a female, in time, a matter of a few months, your monthly would stop. Then over time enough damage would be done, that having children would become very difficult to do, and even carrying a baby to term would become far less likely. Also anorexia shortens the lifespan of a person. This is a known and proven fact. Also as you get older the more prone you are to various diseases, and illnesses. Anorexia does a lot of damage to the body, such as liver damage, kidney damage, and can even cause a heart attack to occur at a very young age. In fact many anorexics die as a result of heart failure due to complications of anorexia, such as was the cause of death for singer Karen Carpenter.

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    You're 5'9 and 119 and want to lose 20 pounds!? Sorry but you should GAIN 20 pounds. You're already very underweight for your height. You will probably end up in a hospital at 99 pounds. Sorry to sound harsh, but I would talk to someone as you seem to have body dysmorphia

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    I lost 17kg over 18 months - I basically went back to the diet I grew up with in the ‘60s!

    Meals prepared from raw ingredients,

    * no sugar unless a special occasion (eg birthday party or Christmas, no cakes/biscuits, sodas) No sauces on meals unless I have prepared them, ie NO sugar!!!!!! I do have 1/2 tspn honey in my morning ginger tea but it is a treat to have molasses or honey or jam sweetened with grape juice. No fruit juice - often has added sugar (if the fruit is not sweet enough they add it and it doesn’t have to be on the label!!!!) and fruit juice uses up my daily allowance of fruit in one glass AND no fibre!

    * Gluten free bread and pasta

    * Try to eat brown instead of white (bread, rice, pasta, sweet potato instead of white potato)

    * Try to eat only when hungry!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don’t let it get to ravenous then attempt at control flies out the window. If you are not willing to snack on a carrot stick for example - you are NOT hungry!

    * I eat a handful of a variety of nuts and 3 pieces of fruit per day (most people can cope with 2 pieces at different times of day) - it worked for killing my sweet cravings (3 pieces of fruit in one hit overloads your system)

    * Exercising (30 minute walk) at least 5 x per week. At a speed you can’t talk!

    I aimed to lose between .5 and 1 kilo per week. My skin occasionally gets crepe-y at my neck but then catches up again. No need for skin tucks!

    I try to eat a salad every lunch with protein and maybe rice crackers (no potato salad).

    Dinner stews, stir-fries or baked dinner. NO desserts except for a piece of fruit.

    I do drink 1.5 litres of water per day, more if I want it, but never over 2 litres.

    I didn’t set a goal but I did want better health, my old clothes to fit and participate in walks with my family 1–2 hours which I now can!

    Good Luck

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